Superstar - For anyone following the trends, knows what's hot, and seek on the shoes a key to the composition of her "look", or even for people just looking for something that fits your style. Each model speaks for itself, ensuring their individuality and imposing style. Products with key elements in the question originality and creativity with design stripped down, full of characteristics, printing an identity in each model. Thinking about the diversity of the consumers SuperStar, models are produced in sizes ranging from 33 to 50, ensuring that nobody stay without his.
Babig - With the proposal to fill the gap in the market of fashion products with suitable prices and quality, Superstar Shoes launches this new product line aimed at those who, regardless of style, seek to follow fashion trends without giving too much money on a single product . Available in numbering between 33-45.
Babig Kids - Babig Kids - children already have style and preferences, with the power of choice in your hands, they choose fashion products. As fashion turns quickly, the preferences of children modified at the same speed that your feet are growing. To accompany these changes, Superstar have created another line of children's products, full of style, depending on the model, super affordable. The numbers are available between 18-36.
Little Katz Masculino - For adventurous boys who are transported to a world where fun and adventure are all they need and want. With LittleKatz, the boys can play and always being comfortable yet stylish. Tennis with application radical of the Transfer, rubbered, embroidering or flocked, accompanied the Cat using bandana, together with the sole embossed with gray stars. And for convenience of boys who do not want to waste time for fun, the models come with elastic, making the attacker dispensable.
Little Katz Feminino - For girls sweet and delicate, they want to bring some of their imaginations and dreams for their day to day. On the shoe's body has transfers, glitter and embroidery that are highlighted by the pendant of the character, details in colored rhinestones in the forefoot, which come into harmony with the sole embossed with hearts. With Little Katz, girls can have fun playing at home and still beautiful. The product comes with an elastic, making unnecessary the use of the attacker, bringing convenience to the girls who want to parade your Little Katz soon around, showing off style.
Pretty Katz - For girls and women who are romantic, sweet and dreamy. That like to be trendy, but regardless, do not give up your romantic style. Elements such as hearts, bows and flowers give an sweet air, angelic and delicate that he always has the characteristic of the mark, thus ensuring a unique visual to lovely products. Thinking about the diversity of sizes of the Pretty Katz consumers, models are produced in sizes ranging from 33 to 50, ensuring that none little girl stay without its kitty.
Superstar Confort - Released for the adult audience who is a fan of the visual style and vulcanized shoes, and want extreme comfort in products. With the launch of the Super Confort line, the Super Star once again brings innovation to the marketplace, featuring vulcanized products with design and irreverence added to the comfort of a sole with shock that surprises the experiencer. Released for the adult audience who is a fan of the visual style and vulcanized shoes, and that values ​​comfort, Super Star brings a unique product worldwide!
Starzinho - With Starzinho children identify instantly, because the products are designed and created especially for them with comfort and design, because the trends are translated into the infant universe. Modernity with a touch of fun elements that stir the imagination of children, are always present. Sizes range from 18 to 36, depending on model. The brand also has a "baby line" with comfortable products, practical and constructed with all the care that a baby needs, availables in sizes from 14 to 20. Children may be tiny in size, but they want to be great on fashion.
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