The factory of the Super Star Shoes is located in the city of Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.

The Superstar Shoes Ltd. is a pioneer in the development and production of vulcanized sneakers in Brazil. The company is acting more than 40 years in the Brazilian market, and in the last Three years, works with these marks: Superstar, Starzinho, Blackatz, Pretty Katz, Little Katz, and now also with Babig, Babig Kids and Superstar Confort.

We are directly responsible for technological and transformation of vulcanized sneakers that are now at the feet of Consumers in Brazil and the World.

The revolution provided by our designers, has made a simple vulcanized shoes, become a modern product, which follows the fashion trends and differentiating through creative and unique rints, developed with varied patterns and textures, synthetic and differentiated leathers and same time, the basic. The collections also always have a differentiated modeling and several options of closures in addition of traditional lacing, like Velcro and zipper, or elastic, combining practicality with product design, for the adult audience and for the children.

We introduced the color variation in our creations, following the trends who dictate fashion. All innovations are based on irreverence and creativity of Brazilians. We develop a vulcanized shoes lightweight, comfortable and stylish, young who provide a visual landmark. Therefore, our products make the difference between success and the Brazilian youth. The company's products are designed in details, thinking of the ultimate consumer and in your satisfaction.

The popularity and reputation of our vulcanized sneakers are result of hard work and relentless pursuit of quality. The products are used today for all social classes and age groups, being present in a lot of stores spread throughout Brazil. This is the reward for hard work exerted in the last 40 years.

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